• 33″ Round Bar Height Event Table, White

    33″ Round Bar Height Event Table, White For a backyard or casual party, simply unfold and use as a serving table, place to gather or eat. For more formal settings, you can drape with a table cover for an elegant finished look. These tables are excellent in creating a natural gathering spot.

  • 60” Round Tables


    60” Round Tables (Seat up to 8-10) $10.50 ea Comfortably seat 8 guests. Round tables are ideal for big tent events such as wedding, graduations, or business meetings where there is a speaker at the front of the room. There is plenty of room for folding chairs, and they are easy to fold and stack together. […]

  • Chairs


    Tan & Charcoal Grey (Folding-style):$1.50 White (Plastic & Steal Folding-style): $ 2.00 Bistro Style White Wood (tall chairs): $3.50 White Wood Padded – Elegant: $3.50 (Price is per Unit)